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Puppy nutrition

It is very important how the puppy develops, we need to assess his need for food well. What is also important and should take into account the diversity of breeds and how much the puppy is able to digest food. Complete food, dry or in soup, is recommended, with the puppy best regulating his daily consumption.

Adult dog nutrition

For adult dogs, the diet should maintain weight with good digestibility of food. Fat should not be given excessively to the dog. If the dog is not overly active, one should take care and achieve the state of overall health, avoid the tendency towards obesity, which is very common in dogs.

Nutrition of an active dog

Energy intake in active dogs depends on the type of dog, dog activity, time, etc. All intensely active dogs require a diet rich in calories and nutrients. Active dogs require 1.5 to 2.5 times more energy than ordinary dogs.
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