Food for adult dogs

About the product

Composition: nutrients of plant origin-grain nutrients, oil industry products, animal nutrition products-processed protein of animal origin, fish flour, mineral nutrients-Ca,P,Na. Additives: vitamins, minerals, aminoacids.

ADULT does not contain GMO.

Hrana za pse ADULT

In 1 kg ADULT is:

Crude proteins (min)22%, crude fat (min)12%, fiber (max)3 %, moisture (max) 10%, ash (max) 8%, vit. A 3a672a 8.000 IU, vit. D3 3a671 1.600 IU, vit. E 3a700 120 mg, vit. K3 3a710 1.6 mg, vit. B1 3a820 1.6 mg, vit B2 4.8 mg, vit. B6 3a831 1.6 mg, vit. B12 8 mg, Biotin 3a880 40 mcg, calcium D pantothenate 8 mg, folicacid 3a316 400 mcg, iron E1 48 mg, manganese 3b503 64 mg, zinc 3b601 40 mg, copper 3b412 6.4 mg, iodine 3b201 640 mcg, choline chloride 3b201 400 mg, calcium 1%, phosphor 0.6%, sodium 0.2%,antioxidant BHT 100 mg/kg, aminoacids: methionine 3c301 0.5%, lysine 3.2.2. 0.63%, threonine 3c410 0.48%, tryptophan 3c440 0.16%.


Composition and the amount of the food are formulated to meet the needs of a moderately active dog in the conditions of average temperature levels. Individual needs of each dog vary, so diet should be adapted to keep the dog healthy and fit.