Classic mix

Processed pet food - food for adult dogs

About the product

Composition: nutrients of plant origin – grain nutrients, oil industry products, animal nutrition products – processed protein of animal origin.

Classic does not contain GMO.

In 1 kg Classic mix is::

Crude proteins (min) 18%, crude fat (min) 10%, fiber (max) 3%, moisture (max) 10%, ash (max) 6%, vit. A 3a672 6.000 IU, vit. D3 3a671 800 IU, vit. E 3a700 70 mg, vit. K3 3a711 0.70 mg, vit. B1 3a821 1.4 mg, vit B2 2.2 mg, vit. B6 3a831 1.4 mg, vit. B12 8 mg, Biotin 3a880 200 mcg, calcium D pantothenate 3a841 18 mg, folic acid 3a316 450 mcg, iron E1 45 mg, manganese 3b502 35 mg, zinc 3b601 58 mg, copper E1 5.2mg, iodine 3b203 0.80mg, Choline chloride 3a890 420 mg, calcium 1.2%, phosphor 0.7%, sodium 0.2%,antioxidant BHT E321 70mg, methionine 3c301 0.4%, lysine 3.2.3. 0.60%, threonine 3c410 0.50%, tryptophan 3.4.1. 0.15%.

Feeding Instructions:

Composition and the amount of the food are formulated to meet the needs of a moderately active dog in the conditions of average temperature levels. Individual needs of each dog vary, so diet should be adapted to keep the dog healthy and fit.