Food for racial and superactive dogs
About the product

Composition: nutrients of plant origin-grain nutrients, oil industry products, animal nutrition products-processed protein of animal origin,fish flour, mineral nutrients-Ca, P, Na. Additives: vitamins, minerals, amino acids.

ACTIVE does not contain GMO.

Hrana za pse ACTIVE

In 1 kg ACTIVE is:

Crude proteins (min)29 % , crude fat (min)16 % , fiber (max)3 % , moisture (max) 8 % , ash (max) 7 % , vit. A 3a672a 10.000 IU, vit. D3 3a671 2.000 IU, vit. E 3a700 120 mg, vit. K3 3a710 2 mg, vit. B1 3a820 2 mg, vit B2 6 mg, vit. B63a8312 mg, vit. B1210mg, Biotin 3a880 50 mcg, calcium D pantothenate 10 mg, folic acid 3a316 500 mcg, iron El 60 mg, manganese 3b503 80 mg, zinc 3b601 50mg, copper 3b412 8 mg, iodine 3b201 800 mcg, choline chloride 3b201 500 mg, calcium 1.2 % , phosphor 1 %, sodium 0.3%, antioxidant BHT 100 mg/kg, amino-acids: methionine 3c301 0.55%, lysine 3.2.2. 0.63%, threonine 3c410 0.48 % , tryptophan 3c440 0.16 % .


ACTIVE represents complete food for dogs with high level of physical activity, and it completely meets the needs of working, hunting and sled dogs, dogs that are in the process of growth and development, as well as of pregnant female dogs and dogs that are breast feeding. Special attention is given to the process of meeting high energy and protein requirements. ACTIVE contains all vitamins and minerals necessary for balanced diet. Individual needs of each dog vary, so diet should be adapted soto keep the dog healthy and fit.